Apartments in Ghana Video

Are you looking for an apartment to rent in Accra, Ghana? Have you become frustrated with the unavailability of a centralized place to browse through apartment listings? We can provide you a few tips on how to go about looking for an apartment in Ghana. The video below is probably the kind of apartment videos about Ghana you see on Youtube but that is not the reality when it comes to ordinary places to rent.

First, you need to find a realtor to help you in the search. That may sound basic, but finding a realtor in Ghana can be a challenge because the realtor industry is not formalized. You can search the web and it will be hard to find a trustworthy site advertising the services of a realty. And if you find one, reaching the person is not usually easy as it should. That’s because they will usually list their email address as their main contact information but they rarely follow up on emails, which makes you wonder why they provide this information in the first place.

The next tip is to be realistic in your expectations. You are not going to find western style apartments with all the appliances you are used to. There is probably a good chance the apartment will not have a washer or dryer. The kitchen may not have stove either and if it did, it may be a table top gas stove which you will have to get your own propane – LPG gas to run. Lastly, you need to know that you will have to pay a year or two advance rent. That is how is works in Ghana. Because of inflation, property owners collect a year or more in advance rent to protect their investment. That may come as a shock to many western renters but that’s how it works and you have to prepare for it.

The best advice is to give it time and keep trying different realtors until you get in contact with someone that knows the landscape and can give you a good idea of available listings and what amenities you may be able to get on your list. You can find a video like the BBC one above that promises all these luxury apartments in accra, but for the average person looking for a basic western apartment to rent, the pickings can be slip or hard to find.

If you are patient, you can still find an apartment in a good neighborhood that will make your stay in Ghana more pleasant. Just don’t get frustrated at the first obstacle or missing must have.

Video of Food Stamps Facing Budget Cuts

Food stamps have been on the chopping block since the great recession started. Every time politicians have their back against the wall, they turn to food stamps, otherwise known as SNAP benefits to serve on the chopping block. The cuts have been so bad that even retail giant Walmart is affected and reporting lower sales as a result.

But what is behind all these cuts? The first is that there is this perception that Food Stamps Benefits are only going to people who do not want to work. ┬áBut the data available shows otherwise. Actually majority of people on food stamps have jobs and work at least part time. The problem is that they don’t make enough to cover even the basic needs like Food, that is why they need the help of the federal government to help them with basic nutritional needs.

As the video above from CNN shows, the cuts have been devastated, including school lunch program that were available for poorer children, who number 22 million. In all, there are 47 million americans who are going to be affected, including 9 million seniors and those on disability benefits. And even though the politicians talk about cutting waste, they are actually impacting real families who need the SNAP Benefits Program the most.

The effects of these changes is that states with a large percentage of their population under food stamps, like Oregon, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Florida and South Carolina are seeing record number of people go hungry, including a large number of households with children.