Medigap Plan Customer Service Video

This is a video that looks into Medigap Insurance Customer Service and what kind of support you can get from your state’s medicare supplemental benefits plan. Medigap is a plan that people who have Medicare plan A&B are able to buy to cover certain out of pocket costs that they would otherwise have to pay on their own, including co-payments, co-insurance and other payments that come out of the blue that Medicare holders don’t have the money to cover. Medicare is a very complicated program for anyone to grasp. There is plan A&B which are considered the traditional plans then there is the Advantage plan, which has certain benefits that the traditional plans do not have. Those who have plan A&B can get the supplemental coverage also known as Medigap to cover the things that the advantage plan covers that the traditional plans do not.

The video below goes into the question – what is medigap insurance plan – helping you understand how to sign up for a plan in your state since this program is administered at the state level and contact customer service to help you through the process.

As you can see from the, medicare only covers 80% of your medical expenses, leaving you with the other 20% that you have to cover. The supplemental insurance covers 100% of that 20% gap. This helps with a huge financial burden that people 60 and over have when they finally jump onto the government medical benefits program for people in that age category. Each plan with the same name offers holders the same benefits regardless of which carrier is issuing the plan but the cost may vary from carrier to carrier. Hopefully, the video was able to help you understand this program better and be able to make a decision about what plan of coverage is better for you.

AOL Customer Service Live Human Video

AOL is a well recognized brand name in America and also around the world for bringing dial up revolution to the masses and revolutionizing the PC era and paving the way for broadband to replace Dial up and show is the possibilities beyond minutes to just check email to storing large amounts of data online the birth of cloud computing. Whether you are calling with a phone from lifeline program or regular phone, it should not matter.

But when it comes to customer service, this pioneering company in personal computing can be found lacking. AOL still has about 5 million people still using their Dial up service. Trying to get AOL customer service live person is not easy. It’s as if the company considers servicing these 5 million customers a burden. However, any company should be excited that there are 5 million customers out there using their service and they should move mountains to try and keep them happy, especially given they there are better technologies out there that are more inviting.

AOL may have transformed from a dial up company to a content powerhouse that includes the Huffington Post and Techcrunch. However, even their email service that revolutionalized email with the phrase “you’ve got mail” still has millions of account holders even after better services like gmail and yahoo mail came along with bigger space and more sophisticated offering like video calls and integration like Google drive. AOL lifeline phone customer service needs to improve if they are to hold on to their legacy businesses like the Dial up and email services, which is not a bad side business that generates money when there are better options out there.